Nature of role Support Professional Management Leadership
Job role level Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
(Entry Level) (Professional Level) (Senior Professional Level) (Management Level) (Senior Management Level)
Typical job role taxonomy Administrator, Associate, etc. Analyst, Specialist, Officer, etc. Senior, Supervisor, Team lead, etc. Manager, Area Manager, etc. Head, Executive (C Suite), etc.
Description / focus of role / knowledge Performs specialized technical tasks and clerical, administrative or specialized support tasks in an office, field Performs work in a specialized area of expertise that requires knowledge of fundamental themes, principles and concepts Jobs that focus on managing a body of work or a process are applying individual expertise Requires a specific level of knowledge or skills in a particular subject of critical value to the organization's business strategy Focuses mainly on the management and implementation of operational objectives that help achieve long-term organization strategy Establishes strategies for area of responsibility
Concentrates on own short-term goals and tasks at hand Concentrates on short-term individual and team goals Focus on short-term collective goals. Concentrates on short-term team goals Sets long-term strategic goals and helps shape the future of the business unit (or region)