The Chief Executive Officer Message

The Financial Sector Development Program (FSDP) is one of the main programs supporting the Achievement of Vision 2030 goals, and considered the first way to develop the national economy and stimulate sustainable development, by working on institutionalizing the development of the sector and maintaining its stability and durability, And main roles it plays contributing to diversifying sources of income and stimulating savings, financing and investment, and building and preparing human capacities.

Proceeding from this role assigned to the FSDP , of which the Financial Academy is one of its tools; of its tools since its inception in the year 2020 AD; it seeks to harness all its material and human capabilities; to provide high-level specialized services that contribute to achieving the goals of Saudi Vision 2030, and developing the financial sector in line with an integrated and comprehensive future directions , in addition to providing advanced products and skills, and promoting innovation in the field of financial services as per international best practices

As efforts continue to develop the financial sector as a mainstay in consolidating the axes of the Saudi vision towards a vibrant society, a prosperous economy and an ambitious nation. The Financial Academy is still going through wide developmental stages, concerned overall with the development and growth of human capabilities in the various sub-sectors of the financial sector.

The Financial Academy aspires to empower the Saudi financial sector; by providing a unique blend of knowledge diversity, achieving efficiency and effectiveness through highly distinguished training programs, with a focus on measuring the expected impact in the coming years, in addition to forming an optimal interface for exchanging financial expertise with stakeholders to serve the interests of the sector.

The Financial Academy also seeks to achieve leadership in the areas of training and development for workers in the financial sector, relevant professionals, and male and female graduates expected to enter the financial sector in all its branches “Banks, Insurance, Finance, and Capital Market ”, which contributes to the establishment of a sustainable national financial sector capable of adopting initiatives, realizing aspirations and ambitions through the preparation of a promising and successful future for individuals and institutions in the financial sector.

Most recently, we have demonstrated the keenness of the Board of Trustees and all its affiliates and employees to continue giving and exerting efforts to achieve the hoped-for successes through energies and competencies dedicated to serving the country, in addition to continuing fruitful partnerships with other financial institutions, led by the Capital Market Authority and the Saudi Central Bank .

In conclusion, I express my earnest thanks and gratitude to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and his faithful Crown Prince - may God protect them - for their generous and unlimited support to the financial sector, and for their precious confidence in the competencies included in the Financial Academy.

Mr.Mana Bin Mohammed AlKhamsan

CEO of the Finan​cial Academy