1. Registering for professional exams is available for entities and individuals.

  2. Creating an account for entities requires submitting an application if the entity does not have an account in the Financial Academy. If the entity already has an account and wants to add a new user, then information for creating an account must be completed and verified by a verification code via e-mail. For individuals, information for creating an account is completed in creating new user page and then verified by a verification code via e-mail

  3. Registering is available for appointments scheduled after two or more days.

  4. Entities and individuals can undertake switching procedure with another examinee applying entry conditions within a period of two days maximum before the exam date. 100SR. fee is required for each switching procedure.

  1. National ID for Saudi and GCC citizens.

  2. Residence permit for non-Saudi residents.

  3. Temporary documents issued by the General Directorate of Passports in the kingdom.

  4. Family register and passports for women who do not hold a National ID card​.

Electronic devices usage, other than calculators, are extremely prohibited inside examination room.

  1. Candidates are required to arrive at the Financial Academy at least 30 minutes before the start of the exam to finish entry procedures.

  2. Candidates may not be allowed to enter the examination room if they arrive after the start of the exam.

  3. Candidates who are absent from the exam must pay exam fee in full, in return, this absence will not be counted as an exam attempt.

Exams can be retaken without a limited number during each year, provided that attempts must be separated by one working day​.

Professional exam can be rescheduled by authorized entity or individuals in accordance with the following regulations:

  1. 100 SR. fee is applied for rescheduling more than 7 days before the exam date.

  2. 50% of the exam fee is applied for rescheduling within 3-7 days before the exam date

  3. Rescheduling in less than 3 days before the exam is not allowed.

  4. Cancellation is not accepted after rescheduling.

With the approval of the Director General, the Financial Academy has the right to change exam date and time and cancel conducting the exam in a centre for any reason that might hinder the examination process or endanger the examinees safety. Examinees and authorized entities must be informed.

It is possible to cancel the electronically scheduled exam by authorized entities and individuals in accordance with the following regulations:

  1. Fees will not be imposed if it is cancelled 30 days before exam

  2. 25% of the exam cost will be charged if it is cancelled within 16-30 days of the exam date.

  3. 50% of the exam cost will be charged if the scheduled exam date is cancelled within 7-15 days.

  4. 100% of the exam cost will be charged if the scheduled exam date is cancelled within 7 days.

  1. Examinees whether they are organizations or individuals, have the right to file complain​ts and objections regarding everything related to the Financial Academy exams by filling the following exam review request form press here.

  2. Review request form should be sent to the Professional Standards and Qualifications Department via email: press here. Email is the only and reliable means of communication for receiving review exam request.

  3. Review exam request should be sent during a period of 5 working days maximum of the exam date. No review request will be viewed after the specific duration has finished.

  4. Each review request fee is 400 SR paid as a certified check and written to the order of the Financial Academy and handed to the Professional Standards and Qualifications Department within three days as of sending request for exam review.

  5. The whole exam review fees will be returned if there is a mistake in the exam.

  6. The decision of exam review request will be made within 20 working days after submitting all exam review requirements.

  7. The Financial Academy has the right to accept and deny exam review request whenever it deems appropriate.

All examinees must abide to the rules of the Financial Academy and the rules of professional exams specifically and shall not commit any act that harms the safety of exams, examinees, and the confidentiality of exam information. The Financial Academy has the right to take legal and systematic procedures, or whatever it deems appropriate when there is exam misconduct including and not limited to, the following:

  1. Using any unauthorized electronic devices during exam.

  2. Saving or publishing exam content on the internet or through any other mean.

  3. Misusing the examination room and its electronic devices.

  4. Asking other examinees for help during exam.

  5. Having papers or documents related to exam in the examination room.

  6. Using invalid certificates, grade reports, and identification documents.

  7. Leaving the exam room without asking for permission from the invigilator.

  8. Talking with other examinees during exam.

  9. ​Physical and veral abuse.

  10. If the examinees violate the rules and policies of the Financial Academy, the academy will inform examinees' organization and relevant bodies in a written form or via email.

The Academy has the right to impose one or all the penalties if the examinees commit any exam misconduct:

  1. Examinee's registration will be cancelled if it is proved that s/he cheats or attempts to cheat in professional exam with respect to exam cancellation policies regarding returned fees.

  2. Cheaters are not allowed to take professional exam of the Financial Academy for a period not exceeding 3 years as of the date of misconduct.

  3. The exam invigilator of the financial academy can prevent the examinee from entering the exam after leaving without permission.

  1. Candidates are required to complete a QRF. The form should be completed online prior to the examination.

  2. Official notification of results will not be released until a QRF is completed.

  3. Requests to switch with another examinee are not available at CISI.

  1. Please note, all identification needs to be valid i.e. the date on the identification must not have expired.

  2. The identification that candidates bring to their examination must bear the exact name that their examination has been booked under. If the name on a candidates' identification does not match the name that their examination was booked under, they will not be allowed to sit.​.

No mobile phones or digital/programmable equipment including watches are allowed into the examination room​.

Requests to change exam language are not available at CISI.

Candidates are required to arrive at the examination venue at least 20 minutes prior to the start of the examination. You may not be allowed to enter the examination room if you arrive late for the examination.

  1. A candidate will be allowed a maximum of three examination attempts within any 12 month period before a six week rest period will be enforced. This six week rest period will start from the date of their third sitting of the exam. After the six week rest period, a candidate will be allowed up to three further attempts to pass the examination within the twelve months from the date of the first of three sittings referred to above.

  2. Candidates who are unsuccessful in an examination, cannot re-sit the same examination subject until three clear days after their last examination date. For example, if a candidate sat an examination on Thursday, the earliest re-sit date would be Monday.

  3. Under exceptional circumstances, the CISI will consider allowing a candidate to make a fourth attempt at passing the exam before the six week rest period is complete. This will be considered on a case by case basis. The designated contact for CISI bookings within a candidate's firm must complete a waiver Request Form and send it to the Assessment Operations Unit at exams@fa.org.sa with details of why the waiver is being requested. Please note, if the waiver is granted and the candidate is unsuccessful in their fourth exam sitting, a six week rest period will at that point be enforced. Further waiver requests will not be accepted. After this break, the candidate will be allowed up to two further attempts to pass the examination within twelve months from when they first sat the examination

  4. The CISI reserves the right to refuse entry to an examination to any candidate who has previously passed the same examination.

CISI exam can be postponed according to the following:

  1. No fee will be charged if the exam was postponed before 14 days or more of the exam date.

  2. 100 SR will be charged if the exam was postponed before 2-14 days of the exam date

  3. It is not allowed to postpone the exam before 2 days or less of the exam date

  4. Postponing the exam for the second time requires paying the exam's full fee.

Exam cancellation requests are not available at CISI.

  1. Candidates should note that examinations are based on the examinable syllabus, not on workbooks or training courses content..

  2. Complaints about exam delivery issues Candidates who feel they have been affected by an examination delivery issue on the day of the examination must complete a ‘Delivery Feedback form’ within 48 hours of the examination.

  3. Queries on assessment issues Candidates who wish to query an assessment issue and / or provide feedback on the content of an examination, must complete an Assessment Feedback form. The form is available on the website.

  1. Where it has been established that a candidate has behaved inappropriately, the CISI reserves the right to contact the candidate's firm and the regulator may be notified. For these purposes unprofessional behaviour includes, having reference material or revision notes on your person during the examination, cheating or attempting to cheat in the examination, copying by whatever means all or part of the examination content failure to act in accordance with the examination invigilator's instructions, failure to adhere to the CISI Examination Regulations, altering or creating result documents.

  2. Furthermore, candidates are prohibited from disclosing any part of the content of the examination to any person or organisation verbally, in writing or by electronic or other means of communication unless expressly given permission to do so by an employee of the CISI.

  3. he CISI also reserves the right to bar such candidates from entering any of the examinations offered by the CISI or to impose a time period during which examinations may not be entered.

  1. CII follow the Financial Academy's registering for exams policy.

  2. Requests to switch with another examinee are not available at CII.

  1. a current passport.

  2. a national identity document containing both Ayour photograph.

You may use a financial or scientific calculator, provided it meets the requirement (non-programmable calculator).

Requests to change exam language are not available at CII.

You should arrive at the centre at least 30 minutes before the exam is due to start. You may not be allowed to take your exam if you arrive late.

There is no limited number for exam retakes as long as the exam fee is paid​.

  1. If you wish to defer your entry, change the unit or centre, your request, together with a fee of £45, must be received in accordance with the timescales below.If you apply for more than one change at the same time, a single fee of £45 will cover all changes.

  2. A candidate can cancel their exam booking up to 48 hours before their exam time and can then rebook it for another available date/time.

  3. A refund is only available if the request/cancellation is made within 14 days of purchase AND the exam booking hasn't been used.

  1. Candidates should refer to the CII update website www.cii.co.uk/updates for the latest information on changes to law and practice and when they will be examined

  2. If you wish to withdraw completely from the exam, 50% of the original entry fee will be refunded if you withdraw within the timescales below. Online exams: No later than 21 days before the examination date.

  3. Paper based exams: Before the normal fee closing date for the session for which you were originally booked.

Exam review requests are not available at CII​.

  1. Any breach of the following instructions may result in your disqualification, not only from the examination you are sitting and any examinations you have already sat, but also from all future examinations, either for a period of years or indefinitely.

  2. You must not take into the exam room or consult in any way any book, paper, document or other written, typed or printed matter (except your admissionpermit for paper based exams or your Exam Admission Document for online exams and items provided by the invigilators in connection with the unit being examined).

  3. All briefcases, handbags, books, revision notes, mobile phones, electronic devices and other personal belongings must be left in a cloakroom or other area as specified by the invigilators.

  4. You must not communicate with, or willingly receive communication from any person during the exam other than an invigilator. Any attempt on the part of another candidate to communicate with you must be reported to an invigilator.

  5. You must not temporarily leave the exam room, except in the case of urgent necessity when you must be accompanied by an invigilator.

  6. Mobile phones and smart watches or similar are not allowed in any.

  7. Disciplinary action may be taken against any applicant who is found to have violated the test rules or committed any unacceptable act. Fines may also be imposed for document falsification or test cheating, and the institute has the right to inform the relevant regulatory authority of any disciplinary action taken.