To be the leading Academy in developing human capabilities in the Financial Sector.


To drive the development of human capabilities by offering training programs, certifications & innovative solutions tailored to the changing needs of the Financial Sector​.



  • Achieving outstanding levels of performance.
  • Adding value to stakeholders at a continuous pace by understanding requirements, anticipating and meeting needs, and exceeding expectations.
  • Commitment to developing an environment that promotes innovation and creativity and the development and activation of new services that provide innovative solutions for training.


  • Focusing on trainees and ensuring that their professional and training needs are met.
  • To deal with all concerned parties with respect, such as trainees, trainers, partners, employees and clients.


  • Promotion of constructive dialogue with stakeholders in the Financial Academy’s domain.
  • Building effective strategic partnerships that serve Our Strategic priorities.


  • Focus on achieving tangible results through monitoring and measuring the impact of the activities and services of the Financial Academy on the career growth of the sector workers.
  • Inculcating the principles and activities of continuous professional development in the financial sector in Saudi Arabia.

Our Strategic Priorities

  • Establishing confidence across the sector through internationally-recognized learning and development solutions that align with the local environment and promote professional excellence and ethical practices.
  • Establishing professional standards, certificates and content designed to serve learning and training needs of the sector practitioners and their professional development.
  • Supporting the development of KSA's financial sector by providing innovative and effective solutions and technologies for the improvement of sector practitioners.
  • Promoting capabilities of financial sector practitioners in priority areas by developing and delivering specialized programs to bridge competency gaps.
  • Enabling continuous professional training and strengthening relationships with sector pioneers and practitioners to support collective efforts for sustainable human resource development.
  • Building and activating a flexible operating model that responds to the sector needs and emerging trends while performing its various roles through an effective and financially-sustainable model for service delivery, as well as leveraging international coalitions with key learning and development partners across the financial sector.

Target Audience

The Financial Academy seeks to provide knowledge, professional expertise, technical skills and develop the capabilities of its target audience, which include:
  • Financial sector practitioners
  • Relevant professionals
  • Students and graduates expected to engage in the financial sector