It is a framework that identifies the financial sector’s main job families that include a detailed explanation of job roles and the horizontal, vertical and diagonal career paths, as well as the core, technical and behavioral competencies that include the minimal knowledge, skills and abilities required at various levels of proficiency.

  1. Framework structure
  2. Job role description
  3. Competency dictionary
  4. Career Paths

It is a structure that includes the segments of sectors, job families, and typical roles in the Saudi market.

Segments in the framework structure were divided to reflect the breakdown of the main activities in the Saudi market.

A job family is a set of typical roles that were grouped according to the shared knowledge and skills.

Typical job roles are standard job roles that have been written taking into consideration that it should be comprehensive to the whole sector without being biased to organizational dimensions or tasks.

The Competency Dictionary is a comprehensive list of skill-based competencies that cover needed skills for job roles in all four sector’s activities.

It is a set of skills, knowledge and abilities that contribute to effective performance in the job role, and is considered the inherent feature of the individual that helps in performing work in a distinct manner. The Competency represents a standard measurement of performance.

The competency framework provides three types of competencies which are:

  1. Core Competencies: represents the general behaviors and areas of knowledge that all professionals in the sector share.
  2. Technical Competencies: Describes the specific skills and knowledge necessary for successful performance in any given role.
  3. Behavioral competencies: Describes related behaviors to specific job roles based on the nature and level of the job.

  1. Vertical movement: moving to a higher job role in the same job family.
  2. Horizontal Movement: moving to another job role in the same level in another job family.
  3. Diagonal movement: moving to a higher job role in another job family.

The Framework provides 5 levels for job roles, which extend from junior level to senior management.

The framework represents all typical roles in the sector in addition to the minimum competencies required for them. You can search for the job role you aim to work in, then know the minimum knowledge, skills and abilities required for it. You can also know the potential career paths for each job role.

It helps you identify the gaps through which you identify training programs or professional certificates that support your role and contribute to acquiring the required capabilities.

No, the framework was designed to suit all organizations in the Saudi financial market. The inclusiveness of the sector was also taken into consideration when designing the competency framework and writing typical job roles’ descriptions. Companies and institutions can rely on it and allocate it to the nature of their business.

Organizations can benefit from the framework by only using job families and levels available at it (which includes the main technical tasks and required competencies)

The framework is indicative, and therefore it does not obligate organizations to adhere to the titles used in the framework. Using general titles was taken into account when the framework was designed.

The competencies framework can be used in a number of ways, most notably employment, training, performance management, succession planning and other uses of human resources. For more information kindly review the reference guide.

You can benefit from job roles’ descriptions mentioned in the Jadarat project because it includes the main technical tasks for job roles, thus you can adapt the job description by building on it and adding the needs and the organizational dimension of your organization.

Institutes can benefit from the Jadarat framework in building and assessing training programs to suit the needs of the Saudi market.

The Financial Academy provides a reference guide that explains in details the framework parts, usages and ways to benefit from it.

Yes, the Financial Academy provides a number of professional exams and training programs that are based on the Jadarat framework

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