Financial Dialogue (FIN TALK)

Through effective FIN Talk, FA aims to provide a distinguished and exclusive content in line with the knowledge transformation goals in realization of Saudi Vision 2030. Such initiative is focusing on fostering knowledge and expertise in managing the financial and economic fields, discussing their current conditions by engaging senior officials from the public and private financial sector. This includes ministers, board members and CEOs from key local and international financial organizations participating in discussing dynamic solutions in building a sustainable future for KSA financial sector.

Economic Growth Forum (EGF)

Achieving high levels of sustainable economic growth is a global objective, given the role of economy in pushing countries ahead among regional and international economic powers. This requires working within a comprehensive framework that prevents economic challenges that may hinder growth. EGF aims to bring together local and international officials, practitioners, experts, and professionals in the financial sector to address trending themes, discuss its approach and propose solutions and recommendations that foster economic growth in an effective and constructive manner.

Virtual Seminars

Virtual seminars are a common practice for organizations to share knowledge and awareness. FA always focus on conducting such seminars, given its role in increasing the online financial content available to interested parties. Therefore, FA has adopted short outreach and educational sessions on financial awareness to trace all trends, changes, products and services. FA initiates such efforts to keep pace with the rapid growth of knowledge to empower sustainable financial training programs, so that any lecturer or expert can deliver easily and flexibly.

Collaborative Events

FA largely focus on collaborative events involving key entities across the financial sector. Serving an active communication channel with the sector, such events attract customers and support national initiatives. FA, together with a number of entities, assumes different roles in delivering such events, which fosters awareness and outreach, and realizes the respective goals.